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Kris Jenkins absolutely manhandled BUF's interior OL yesterday. He had 2 sacks, 5 official pressures, and plastered Trent Edwards on both of his INT's yesterday. One was a pick six from the goal line and the other was in the endzone and underthrown to Hardy. This was while being double and occasionally Triple teamed. BUF also ran for a meager 30 yards on 17 carries in which 15 was when Jenkins was taking a breather.

All this is while playing a zero technique in a 3-4 defense. NT is not his primary position, but he has played at an all-pro level for the NYJ this year. Whoever was arguing this guy was done with me last year is severely mistaken.....

Oh yeah, I watched 3 games yesterday and the rest today. The Direct TV package with the 20+ minute replays are the best thing EVER!
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