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Chris Harris

Originally Posted by Peoples Champ View Post
Easy buddy, the point I was trying to make is there is no rivalry for CU an KU. See post 106.

Kansas rivalries = Missouri + Kansas state

Colorado University rivalries = Colorado State + Nebraska

See link

There is no reason for CU to hate KU and KU to hate CU. KU always beats CU in basketball and CU basketball has no comparison to KU basketball. And as of late KU has been beating CU in football, so I dont know where all the anger and hatred towards CU comes from, espcially when there are a lot of us on the Orange Mane (unless your a cheifs fan, but i know thats not the case)
What the hell does rivalry have to do with it?

I hate CU but it has little to do with rivalry. Maybe its because they cant even get their mascot right, or maybe its because of their awesome suck or maybe its just because most CU fans I know are douche's on the level of OU Sooner fans.

I am free to like or dislike any team I please. There may be SOME CU fans on here but from what I can tell, by and large most of the people on this board are NOT CU fans. Most are from all over this country and their collegiate allegiences do not lie in Colorado.

I dont like North Carolina either. Cant stand Florida and any team from California college or pro's. Not a fan of Syracuse and Mello and for that I cant stand the freakin Thuggets (if its not clear why, brush up on your NCAA Basketball history), dont care for Memphis because their coach is a colossal douche.

In fact, Im not a fan of most teams out there. Kinda like as a Bronco fan we have no rivalry with Baltimore but I ****ing hate them.

And if you ever insinuate that Im a Chiefs fan rest assured I WILL invent that "through-the-internet-face-stabbing" device
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