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Originally Posted by bombay View Post
If it's the same show that was here last week, there are two opening bands - Stills, who were not bad, and We Are Scientists, who were bad. JMO, of course. Kings of Leon were worth the wait.
The Stills arent bad. Havent seen 'em face-to-4x12, but they have a nice Brit-pop-meets-Guster'y sound.

I love good live music, so I hope that they can put something nice together for us. It sucks when you show up to players that arent excited about playing. It also sucks when they suck.

It really sucks when the headliner plays an hour or less. Band of Horses played for a little under an hour when I saw them last. Fun live stuff, but you need to play to the price of the ticket. Kids in that building paid 30+ bucks for that show.
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