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Originally Posted by Kid A View Post
Agreed and then some.

Good call on the Hot Chip and Kings as well.

I've been really into TV on the Radio's latest, Dear Science, lately. Mind blowing.
TV was in town last week here, and I wasnt able to check 'em out. Cool stuff. They have hit on something truely original in the modern genre. I can dig it even if they do only produce half of a good album for the most part.

Hot Chip were quality for the most part in the live setting. There were 5...yes 5 keyboardists on stage at the same time. Overkill? Yes. There are literally only so many frequencies that cut through in the types of halls that those guys are playing, and you cant hear them all.

I'm looking forward to Kings of Leon. It should be a good old-fashioned rock show.
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