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Originally Posted by snowspot66 View Post
Just did. We sure do love a spectacle.

Did you ever catch the South Park episode that covers that exact same topic?

It makes you think. A lot of what we do or how we react has roots in our evolutionary development. I wonder what part the sacrificial goddess is connected to and why as a group we seem to enjoy the spectacle.

I do my best to avoid it but it's like a train wreck. There will inevitably be some headline or photograph so "what the ****?" that it will force me to at least glance at it.

There's a part of me that feels like...that awareness is reaching a point that it's starting to make itself noticed.

I haven't seen the southpark one - mostly because i don't watch much TV. When i learned to step back and observe, that's when i became more aware of these things happening all around.

Humans and their rituals - it seems in someways we are designed for it (Routine, etc).
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