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Awareness contracts to focus,
They say it's not hocus pocus,
To them it is just a thought.
Through invisible incantation,
Matter dances to mentation,
The conscious rewrites the Points.
But quickly they lose their way,
Emotion and thought carry them astray,
While the birds scream Attention! Attention!
They take note but never remember,
"Stay strong and never surrender!"
The fools never realise "I am."

Though their words sound the same,
Each speaks from a different plane,
They talk through entities.
Symbolic in nature,
But disloyal to creator,
They have a life of their own.
Gaze them at length,
And territory looses strength,
The entity is only the vessel.
Choosing menu not meal,
They all stand and squeal.
Fighting for map over chest.

Aware and yet sleeping,
No wonder they're weeping,
They believe they are one and the same.
Yet many possess them,
Command and digest them!,
'Til all awareness is gone.
They plot under clouds,
Still "owner" stands proud,
Fragmented, he is a legion.
Hi-jacked he does not see,
He believes them to be "me,"
Truly, a thief is at work.

Through all this toil and pain,
Pray tell; where is the gain?
A bucket of rotten fruit!
Seek yoga not blame,
They all say the same!
Change is always the start.
So come, transformation,
From mere mentation,
To the quality of a Willed Art.
They stand struck by awe,
The Law is for All,
In lust, the magicians rejoice!
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