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Originally Posted by broncosfan116 View Post
I know how you feel STG. A few years ago, I bought a Plasma TV for $3,000 through Ebay and it never got delivered. After about 10 months of communication with the seller, they cut all communication and disconnected their phone number. I managed to locate them by hiring an outside agency to track them down. Paypal at first refused to refund the credit card company $3,000 but in the end after enough evidence, investigations by the credit card company and outside agency, they refunded me the $3,000. I wouldn't be surprised if Paypal sent the FBI to their house since obviously it was all a scam.

If you need any support, I would be happy to provide support as I have 100%feedback with Ebay and have been a member since 1995.

Thanks for all the support!!

The update....

Paypal issued a refund for most of what I paid and is working to recover the difference (about $20). I'm planning on reporting this guy to the Broncos season ticket office and they can do with him what they want.

They guy could have easily emailed the tickets as he'd done for a few others. Not sure he's really intending to be misleading, but it's downright rude to lie about the fact that he delivered them when in fact he broke every apportunity I gave him.
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