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Originally Posted by amesj523 View Post
The Economics of Happiness

A growing number of economists are bravely asking: What factors make people happy?

In the last few years, a growing number of economists have been discovering happiness. Itís not that they are spending more time admiring flowers, helping old folks cross the road, dancing on the street or baking pies for neighbors. In fact, these happiness economists are working long hours in soul-numbing ways, torturing data with their latest econometric techniques to force deeply buried facts to the surface.

Truth and Happiness
Truth and happiness are two of the highest ideals among people. Ideals are those intangible principles that we seek with passion. Some people hold no ideals, but they are barely alive, as they have no passion. These men and women do not seek truth or happiness and therefore rarely find either. However, conflicts will arise when people are passionate about different ideals and prioritize those ideals differently. When truth and happiness collide, people typically freak out, and for good reason. Discerning between history and a fictional story is a skill that children must acquire in order to mature into rational adults. Santa Claus can tell us a lot about how we learn to choose and compromise these ideals.

The Keys to Happiness, and Why We Don't Use Them,3855201.story

The science of happiness
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