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Default Thanks a million!

Today is the day that the fruits of your donations will be used to satisfy a subject on my "Bucket List", so to speak.

Several weeks ago Gunns took it upon herself to start a collection to help my wife and I realize a vacation that we have desperately needed. With the mounting doctor bills and my health it was fast becoming obvious to me that we would never see that vacation.

Today, with the help of the Orangemane and it's generous members, my wife and I are leaving for what we are considering our second honeymoon.

We will be leaving in a couple hours heading to Big Cedar Resort. It seems like a super place to get away to forget what ails us and remember just what we mean to each other.

Denverbrit was kind enough to make the reservations for us, and many of the rest of you gave donations to help with the expenses.

I have sent all the donators thank you letters. So they know how I feel about them, and what this means to us. But I just wanted to remind the folks that make up orangemane how special many amongst you really are. Today is the day that it all comes together and as we prepare to leave we will take the good thoughts and well wishes of the 'Mane with us in the true sense it was offered.

Thanks a million.

Dan and Anna Edwards
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