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Floyd Little

Originally Posted by BroncoInferno View Post
You know, I love REM and am one of those folks who prefer their pre-Warner Bros. albums to their later stuff (although I really like that stuff as well), but I've never been able to get into Murmur. It's a bit too murky for me. I prefer the bright jangle and more refined pop sensibility of the records that follow.
I understand how you could feel that way..that's a common criticism of the band's early output. Although Reckoning is far and away my favorite R.E.M. release, I tend to agree with those who site the debut as one of the more remarkable debut's of all time. Multi-layered, multi-dimensional, semi-exotic, tuneful and solid from top to bottom (no filler or throwaways at all...matter of fact, I don't detect any of those showing up in any R.E.M. release untill Life's Rich Pagent's "Underneath The Bunker").

I still advocate it as a modern/alt rock signpost that no collection should be without. Actually, I do that for the band's first three releases.
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