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Originally Posted by bronco militia View Post
not true

Why do you punk me like this? It is absolutely true.

The default vBulletin software option is to parse links in your post. 'Parsing links' is an HTML function that does a couple things - it makes the link clickable, and it abbreviates the sometimes very long addresses with shorter displays.

The display page you're reading now is in HTML mode ... so, if you include a properly formatted URL address in the "Quick Reply" box below on this page, they automatically parse all the links (and Embed lines include several links). But if you "Go Advanced," you are in "text mode" - that only converts to HTML when you post or 'Preview Post,' and accordingly, all the Embed links and code work together to give you a video box display.


If you paste the embed line into the HTML Quick Reply box below, the links automatically parse (blue text below), you get errors as 'boxed dots' (circled in green), and you don't get the video display display box, thusly:

But if you "Go Advanced" first, and paste the exact same Embed code as simple text first, it converts the links and HTML codes as a group when you post, and the links and code work together to give you the video display:

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