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It's quite rare for a guitar player to leave you slack-jawed in awe ... but that's just where I was when I first saw this on "The Dance" about 10-12 years ago ...


Amazing ... in my experience, one thing that often distinguishes good guitar players from great ones is the focus on their right hand. It's too easy to become obsessed with your left hand and leave the right as an afterthought. This piece is a great example of somebody who thinks about, works on, and utilizes his right hand.

As amazing as this guitar work is, the left hand performs very very simple fingering ... it's the right hand that makes this special.

And along these lines ... his singing does not interrupt the rhythm, flow and execution of either hand or the tempo. That can be pretty tough ... I've performed solo a pretty fair amount, and you're really naked out there without a band. You gotta keep the music going at tempo no matter what, no matter how focused you'd like to get on the lyric. Walking and chewing gum, maybe. But it's tougher than it looks.

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