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Originally Posted by Hogan11 View Post
They were extremely inventive and the quirkiness was really couldn't say that about a lot of new wave acts at that time who saw quirkiness as a necessary part of trying to cash in on the trend. Most abandonded the pose as time went on and trends shifted. In the groups aftermath, Crowded House scored big on the pop charts initially, but it just wasn't near as interesting without that quirk element that the Enz had.

It was a great post. The Enz hadn't graced my players in quite awhile, so of course they went right on in, the material has held up extrememly well over the years.

I love it when i totally forget about bands and then rediscover them all over again and i did it again when you made that post about new wave (thanks) question they may have there own genre but what are your thoughts on the B-52s early music.
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