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A little late but.....

'Twas the night before Training Camp, and all through Dove Valley
Not a Foneco was stirring, not even Ryan Clady.
The clipboards were Fonecoed by the headsets with care,
In hopes the Lombardi soon would be there;
The Fonecos all were tucked in their beds with visions of Phil Rivers flattened and dead.
And Shanny in his 'Foneco, and Slowik in his cap,
Had just buckled down for a long Summer's camp,
When out on the lawn Fred made such such a clatter,
I sprang on the newly Fonecoed turf (which was reported on by Kahn)to see what was the matter.
Away to the endzone I flew like a Foneco,
Running like Aldridge, my speed was flat Sonic-O,
The Redzone Fonecos were beginning apace,
With glimpses of what the Chiefs would soon face.
With what to my Fonecoing eyes did appear,
Was Jay Cutler's offense that he would soon steer.
With a snappy delivery and a gun for an arm,
I knew he would cause the Raiders great harm.
And the running backs too were steeled for the fight,
To cross that white plane whilst space was so tight.
J-Cut barked out the cadence, the Dline attacked,
To stall out the drive and push the O back.
Shannahan's weapons were ready and game
And from O-mane reporters I knew all their names!
"Now, Stokley! now, Young! now, Sheffler and Royal!
On, D Jack! on Torrain! on, Hillis and Marshall!
First run the sweep! Now skinny post!
Now fade to the corner! Touchdowns! Touchdowns!
To vict'ry we'll coast!
Far, far too soon, the day it was done,
The players spent, some jobs lost and some won.
The offense showed they had the right stuff,
But the defense showed t'was athletic and tough.
And all of the Fonecos went back to their homes,
Their Orange-colored glasses to all were a-glowin'.
And a stalwart few reported back to the Mane,
To tell all their crew who was tight and who shamed.
To all of these Fonecos, I thank them so much,
Without their keen insights we'd be out of touch.
Without them camp time would be stupid and lame,
So join me now as I call out their names!
Thanks to Montrose, Apaops, Domostick and Dukewoody!
You rock B-man13, Khan, and Two-FourChampBailey!
And lest I forget Fonecos from the past,
Mediator and Socal really saved our ass!
Now let's start this season, the timing is ripe,
And cheer on the Broncos with all of our might!
As we fight for the playoffs, the Super bowl is the reason!
A Fonec'ing kickoff to all, and to all a great season!

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