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Originally Posted by bombay View Post
I never heard about Marriot being considered as a replacement for Taylor. That would have changed the Stones, and that's probably why it didn't happen.
I remember it quite well.

Also, if you check out the video "The Life and Times of Steve Marriott," there's an interview with Rick Nielson of Cheap Trick toward the end of the film where he talks about hanging out with Marriott when Steve was in L.A. for the Stones audition.

Yes, Marriott would have definitely shaken the Stones up in a big way (especially if they had let him sing - he would have blown Jagger off the stage.)

Originally Posted by bombay View Post
He and Frampton fought a kind of Lennon/McCartney battle for the direction of Humble Pie, and while I loved that band, it made them sort of schizophrenic.
Yes, Humble Pie started out as a democracy, but there was eventually a tug of war between Frampton and Marriott, which Marriott ultimately won (ironic since it was Frampton who started the group and subsequently invited Marriott to join.)

I thought Pie was at its best when Frampton was still in the group.

Although I enjoyed the later records with Clem on guitar, I thought "Rockin' the Fillmore" represented the peak of HP's artistic prowess - due in large part to PF's inimitable guitar work.

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