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Originally Posted by Hogan11 View Post
I thought the whole thing was rather sloppy, to be honest. Yeah "Angie" and "Heartbreaker" were the standouts, but compared to the usual standard they had at the time, I thought they were well below that. I'm embarrassed to say that I honestly can't remember "Comin' Down Again" at the moment...the only other songs on it that I recall were "Dancing With Mr. D" which blew and "Star Star" an obnoxious Chuck Berry ripoff.

I believe Mick Taylor's last Stones album was It's Only Rock 'N' Roll...a much improved affair, but like Black And Blue after it, rather bland save for the excursions into reggae that later turned into the disco of "Miss You" & "Emotional Rescue"...Yeech.

Sloppy can be one or two things IMO...engagingly reckless abandon or just plain careless. I honestly think the Stones stopped caring about the live performance in the mid- 1970's. They've been rote jobs ever since.
I thought the Mick Taylor Stones were the best incarnation. I was a big Mick Taylor fan from his time with John Mayall (Crusade is still my favorite Mayall album) and was ecstatic when he joined the Stones. I just preferred the Stones with the heavier blues sound. That's their back-bone sound, IMO. Jones was excellent for his time (with the harpsichords, mandolins and psychedelic touches), but that time had passed (it's mostly Taylor on Let it Bleed, the Stones' best album). For me, Ron Wood was always too twangy and loose (and too much of a "light touch") for the Stones. Great for the Faces (and Gasoline Alley) and their kind of "banging around" loose sound, but I've never been fond of his additions to the Stones.
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