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Originally Posted by Hogan11 View Post
I thought the whole thing was rather sloppy, to be honest. Yeah "Angie" and "Heartbreaker" were the standouts, but compared to the usual standard they had at the time, I thought they were well below that. I'm embarrassed to say that I honestly can't remember "Comin' Down Again" at the moment...the only other songs on it that I recall were "Dancing With Mr. D" which blew and "Star Star" an obnoxious Chuck Berry ripoff.
I liked "Dancing with Mr. D."

I was 15 when GHS came out, and there was a furniture store right down the street from my house called "Mr. D's Furniture." "Dancing with Mr. D" was getting a fair amount of play on the local progressive FM station, and all the neighborhood "heads" would smile at each other and wink when they drove by that store.

Berry was a huge influence on Keef, that's for sure.

Originally Posted by Hogan11 View Post
I believe Mick Taylor's last Stones album was It's Only Rock 'N' Roll...a much improved affair, but like Black And Blue after it, rather bland save for the excursions into reggae that later turned into the disco of "Miss You" & "Emotional Rescue"...Yeech.
That's right - Goat's Head was '73 and Only R&R was '74 - I always get the years mixed up.

I really dug Mick Taylor's solos on "Time Waits for No One." Nice laid-back, smoky kinda vibe.
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