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Floyd Little

Originally Posted by Rohirrim View Post
One of the most memorable concerts I ever went to. BB King and the Ike and Tina Turner Review opened (which was great in itself). Then there was some kind of equipment malfunction that went on for an hour or more. The place started getting a little out of control. Finally, the Stones come on stage with the signature couple of guitar thumps in the dark by Keith. Then Mick takes the mike and says, "It took so long to get out here so we're going to stay a while." When we came out of the Forum, the sun was breaking on the horizon. They were playing old stuff too, from the first couple of albums. Stuff I've never heard them do before or since. I'm a Stones freak. If they came to the states, I saw them. But if they come again I'll pass. That last tour they were phoning it in. They were great back in the day though. Definitely the best shows I've ever seen (except maybe for The Who at the Long Beach Auditorium). Definitely up in the top two.

Actually, a couple of buddies of mine followed that tour up to Altamont Speedway. Glad I passed on that one.
Wow, whadda great makes me want to dust off and throw Ya Ya's in the player tonight. It's been awhile.
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