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Floyd Little

Originally Posted by L.A. BRONCOS FAN View Post
This article provides a pretty good breakdown of which songs came from which sessions:

More like "world's greatest garage band" when they play live.

(And I'm a fan.)
Very interesting wiki article, thanks for that. I never knew the background on the album, just kinda took it as an article of faith that it was new (recent) image of them being recharged as they were for Some Girls is now totally blown....assembling outtakes as a "new" album rather than an outtake collection smacks of laziness, no matter how successful it was. I'm also surprised that "Tops" and especially "Waiting On A Friend" date from Goats Head Soup...that was a terrible album, those tracks would've been two of the best on it if they'd been included IMO.

"world's greatest garage band"? I dunno about that....I know a few I'd take over them live...quite a few actually. Garage bands are usually raw and have abundant energy in a live setting, it's been many a moon since the Stones were either live.
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