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Man claims to know source of 'Phoenix Lights' UFO sighting

An astrophysicist claims to know the true source of a strange grouping of lights that appeared in the Arizona night sky 11 years ago. Dr. James R. Bartzen said he has indisputable proof that the so-called "Phoenix Lights" were a product of secret man-made technology being shielded from the public.

He works at the Russian-American Institute of Space Science.

"There are no theories, there is only evidence," Bartzen told ABC15. "The government desires people to believe in space aliens so they don't have to reveal the technologies that both we and the Russians have."

Bartzen said he has been involved with the space agencies in both the U.S. and Russia for decades, and that his involvement led him to learn what these vehicles in the sky were, man-made spacecrafts.
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