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Policeman attacked by trolls for crossing their bridge

Another one for the annal of strange crime and an interesting one to write up on the arrest sheet: "Took into custody two 'trolls' who were extorting money with menaces from people trying to cross their bridge".

A man who acted as a modern-day bridge troll faces charges in Boulder after he and his companion allegedly got into a confrontation with an off-duty sheriff's deputy.


Police said that Hibbs insisted he was a troll and owned the bridge the deputy was trying to cross.

Witnesses told police that Hibbs and Bradley Boville, 19, were demanding $1 from joggers and bikers who attempted to cross the bridge.

The off-duty deputy, who was not identified, told police the confrontation with Hibbs started after the man hit his bike with a broken golf club when he forced his way past without paying. The two became involved in an altercation and Hibbs hit the deputy with a golf club, the police report stated. The deputy said he took the golf club away from Hibbs and struck him in an attempt to defend himself.

An explanation is easy to find:

Boville, who was with Hibbs, reportedly told police that they had consumed LSD and that Hibbs was having a bad trip.

Police said they confiscated a large marijuana joint rolled in $1 bills at the scene and then searched Boville's apartment and recovered drugs and drug paraphernalia.

Although if they were using dollar bills instead of Rizlas*, could we have stumbled across some uber-secret US government plan to turn people into trolls using a smokable ink (presumably one of the magic varieties we here so much about these days). Or it could be the LSD, stranger things have happened.
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