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Originally Posted by Kaylore View Post
All evidence to the contrary? Your own article says Bee die-offs are cyclical and the over-breeding raises some concerns. I posted an article earlier in this thread that totally destroys the cell-phone theory and the article you posted is from the same old and inaccurate test on the Bees.

I say again, there is no evidence that cell phones have any affect on bees. That's not even what the antennae are trying to pick up. This is one of those things where people look at an insect's antennae and then erroneously conclude that the antennae on our electronic devices work under the same principles because they look the same. I can understand why someone looking at a bee might lean that direction based on their own understanding of what we use an antenna for, but it's a good example of misplaced intuition leading to pseudo-science. Bee's don't work on a radio frequency.
You have no clue as to the environmental impact of power lines and cell towers. Maybe you should read up.

that article pointed out 6 possible factors - maybe you should go back and re-read the material as well as do some research to what i just listed for you.

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