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Originally Posted by SoCalBronco View Post
Why would you believe Rich Hammond over Blake?
So here's the time line, according to Lombardi, with quotes from Lombardi added where appropriate.

Sunday: Brisson calls Lombardi at night to talk about Blake. Lombardi said, ``I talked to his agent for two hours. We talked about a lot of things. The whole point was, we didn't talk contract but I was interested in making sure he understood the role and how important the role was. This is the year we actually start becoming a young team and I needed to know, what were Rob's priorities as a hockey player?''

Tuesday: At 9:05 a.m., Brisson submits a contract request. Numbers aren't confirmed, but trust me on this one, it was $4 million. Lombardi said, ``I got a non-negotiable offer at 9 o'clock and was told we had to hurry. I texted (Brisson) back because it was very clear that there was no room to move on their end. I told him we had to look at a number of things to make this fit. We were looking at other players and certain deals. I said, `We're not prepared to commit that type of money. We want to look at all our options but we want to bring him back.'''

Tuesday afternoon/evening: Lombardi and Brisson exchange e-mails. Lombardi said, ``I forget the exact sequence. We exchanged two e-mails. One of them outlined the process we were going through. He said, `Fine, but we're not changing our (offer) number.'''

Tuesday night: Blake and Lombardi spoke on the phone. Lombardi said, ``Rob called me. He was honest. He said, `I don't think I can wait.' I knew San Jose had been talking to him. I said, `I can't hurry this. I'm not sure yet what we can offer. We know what your number is. We're looking at some other things and if I do some other things, it might take me out of (the range of Blake's offer).' I was thinking of making a conditional offer and then if things didn't happen, we could maybe go up to his number, but it was clear it wasn't negotiable. At that point, I was almost sure he was going to San Jose.''

Wednesday: Lombardi and Brisson exchanged e-mails. Lombardi said, ``We had an exchange of e-mails. I was telling them I still had to go through the process. (Brisson) said, `I have no interest in waiting.' I was trying to explain to him what we're trying to do.''

Thursday: Blake signs with San Jose.
why would Blake take a hometown discount when the fans did not really embrace him when he returned?
Because we overpaid his ****ing ass for 12 million for 2 ****ing years Socal. He has repeatedly said no to a trade that Deano had lined up, including one that would have landed Flake in San Jose and we get Nabakov. But he turned it down because he wanted to retire as a king, and he did the same s*** this year when we had San Jose AND Colorado on the line to trade their 1st round draft picks in what is a very deep draft.

Bottom line, it wasn't about retiring as a King, it was about the money.

You can't have it both ways "oh **** Blake for not wanting to retire as a King
He has continually said he wanted to retire as a King, everything he has ever said has been a lie. Dean wasn't having this ultimatum BS his agent kept calling him with. Dean called his bluff and was sticking to his plan.

So to recap...

Flake acts like a child & rips the "C" off his chest.
Flake changes his mind on a contract when Pronger gets more money.
Flake tells the Kings he'll test the free agent waters, gets traded, re-signs with the Av's before testing the free agent market.
Comes back to the Kings, doesn't play up to his$6 million a year contract, & rejects trades two years in a row that would have helped out the Kings.
Signs with the Sharks and now both him & his agent are trying to pull out a spin control on the whole thing.

Flake is dead to me, I hope he gets his leg split in two during a game and Sharks have now quickly turned into one of my hated teams list with Roenick and now Flake.
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