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D.J. Williams

Originally Posted by 24champbailey View Post
Rob Blake signs with the Sharks for 5 Million.

See ya, you won't be getting your jersey in the rafters after you ****ed us over at the deadline. I told you offline Socal about this...Blake was going to have to take a hometown discount if he wanted to be with the Kings for a awhile, and it turns out the Rob Blake camp is doing some PR damage to the Kings by saying the Kings never offered him a contract which is BS to begin with. I know on Rich Hammond's blog they were in Blake is lying there, and he also lied about wanting to retire a King. He is a piece of crap to me now and he won't ever get his name up in the rafters.

**** you Blake.
Why would you believe Rich Hammond over Blake? And why would Blake take a hometown discount when the fans did not really embrace him when he returned? He owed you nothing at the deadline. You can't have it both ways "oh **** Blake for not wanting to retire as a King.....why didn't Blake agree to leave at the deadline?"

Nobody owes anybody anything, dude.
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