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Pat Bowlen

Originally Posted by KCStud View Post
No you're just a homer who wears orange and blue colored glasse's. You have proved many times your horrible take on football.
LMAO every Bronco is great
I clearly hit a nerve. Incidentally, I don't believe every Bronco is great and have railed on some of the crappier ones around here saying they needed to be cut - sometimes drawing the ire of my fellow fans. But let's read your next part of fiction.
and every Chief and/or Raider is terrible
This is actually true. But that doesn't mean that some aren't good players. I'm not sure I've ever said a good player on your team was bad. I usually rip on the hiring practices some of the personnel moves. Then I rip on the liquid courage you Chief fans seem to all drink in June that makes you think your team is better than ours. Then I make fun of how obsessed many of you are with trying to be better than the Broncos and how the home game against the Broncos is your Super Bowl.

But no, I don't think I've ever said "every Chief player sucks and every Bronco player is good." There have been quite a few Broncos I couldn't stand.
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