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Pat Bowlen

Originally Posted by KCStud View Post
Rings do NOT decide if a one player is better than another. It's not like that one player made all the plays and won. The only position you can argue that against is QB, not TE.

I bet the fans who believe this are the same fans who believed that Peyton Manning was not as good as Tom Brady when he didn't have a ring when Manning was clearly a better QB
Rings aren't the deciding factor, but they can't be ignored. Someone who makes plays in big games and wins championships can't be ignored. They have to factored in with everything else. Sharpe made some huge plays in the playoffs and was extremely productive there. Especially with the Ravens there were plays where if he doesn't make them, they don't go to the Super Bowl. He converted a critical third down for us against the Steelers to take us to the top and him just being on the field helped neutralize Butler and open things up for the run game against the Packers in SB XXXII.

From all accounts, Gonzo hasn't had any great postseason performances. He has been very prolific, but people want to see performances in the playoffs to elevate them to great status. It might not be fair, but its how a lot of people think and its one of the reasons guys like Barry Sanders aren't usually picked as "the greatest" running back of all time but "one of" instead.
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