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Now wait:

I thought John Elway was the reason the Broncos won a SB. er I, I mean.....Rod Smith.

I just cant tell what individual won the Superbowl for the Broncos anymore.

Let's be realistic folks. When you are trying to evaluate individual talent, you cant use SB wins. A SB win is a team achievement. If you wanted to use SBs as a way of evaluating a single player, then you could argue that Trent Dilfer was a better QB than Dan Marino. I think we all know how ridiculous that statement is.

If you want to compare a player to another, then you have to attempt to evauate the team they played for and the effect it had on thier individual statistics. Then try to compare those statistics. The arguement will always be subjective. Fact is, both were good TE's. I happen to be in the camp that feels TG is the better of the 2. But then I'm a Chiefs fan. It's no surprize that most here feel that Sharpe was better.

I think we can all agree that statistically Gonzo will shatter Sharpes statistics when all is said and done. I'm also fairly sure that Gonzo would give up those stats to have a ring.

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