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Funniest post of the night goes to Islander fan....

NYI-On a scale of 1-10 with 1 being the worst they are in negative numbers.

I was at the draft party. The place was furious when they traded the 5th pick, but when they got nothing of value back from the Leaf's the place really started to flip out.

Then when the Isles traded the 7th pick to the Preds—again for nothing much in return—of the 1,000 or so fans in attendence—at least 500 got up and walked out in disgust and silence. They did not even boo.

When they selected Bailey—you could hear a rat piss on cotton in Argentina. Then—everyone left in disgust.

They botched it. Top to bottom failure. Until the owner is bought out or decides to sell the New York Islanders will be a lottery team. They cant' and will never get it right with an owner who may spend money, but knows nothing about the game, and won't allow managers and staff to do the jobs they are supposed to do. This "Committee" program is a huge bust. This is why Neil Smith left. This is why Lombardi did not want to work here. Or why any other reasonably successful GM will never come here. And I fear Ted Nolan is next to go. So who is going to coach—wait—I know— we can ask our super star draft pick—Josh Bailey to coach from Bridgeport!

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