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Originally Posted by Rausch 2.0 View Post
And yet so much more productive than Sharpe.

Gonzo will break all of Sharpe's records and career stats while playing with inferior talent to what Sharpe had.

Gonzo's never had a decent QB other than 2 years with Green. Gonzo's never had a legit WR to take the attention away from him. Gonzo never even had a legit HB to make teams defend the run until Priest got here.

Yet, Gonzo still managed to bust Sharpes records. And it's even more impressive when you consider he didn't get all those playoff games and super bowls Sharpe had.

So, he's done it with less talent and fewer games.

Clearly, Sharpe is the better player...
Cause we all know every player plays for stats not rings. Just ask Marino.
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