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Originally Posted by BroncoBuff View Post
He will be slightly discounted by those in the know because the chefs haven't had a really superior WR since Otis Taylor, or at least Carlos Carson ... so he had tons of balls thrown his way by mediocre QBs who couldn't get the ball downfield.
I would disagree with this. The fact that he had no HB/WR to open him up or distract a defense should add to his production.

Really, honestly, going into next year what scares the average Denver fan?

Bowe is good but he's young. LJ is still a stud but most people think a freak injury is somehow tied to his carries.

Gonzo. They'll shut down Gonzo and likely win.

Another argument I don't like is the "athleticism" argument. "Well, Sharpe was a better pure athlete." I'd argue the only pure talents at the TE position higher than Sharpe are Winslow and Mackey.

Even so that has squat to due with HOF votes. At least it shouldn't.

Bo Jackson was likely the most talented athlete to ever play in the NFL. Hell, Mike Vick was easily the most physically gifted athlete to ever play QB. Hands down. It was like taking Elway and then squaring him.

But who's going to the HOF and who's going to showers covering his @$$?

Production is what matters, or should matter.
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