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Originally Posted by Kaylore View Post
This is true.
And you know this how? Albert has not played a snap in the NFL yet. wow Kaylore

This is also true.
That doesn't mean he's going off the field. Dorsey played with the injury and was STILL the best DT in college footbal

I called this one in February of last year. I said LJ would get hurt and have a poor season. Both happened.
We'll see what happens this year. LJ is fine and the addition of Charles has made us deep at RB

So what is your problem with my prediction if you admit yourself that it could happen.

And you have had some pretty unrealistic predictions yourself. You scoffed at us putting up more than 20 points on your team and said there was no way we'd beat you guys in Arrowhead last year.
And you said Tony Scheffler would be better than Gonzo last year.

I have no problem with your prediction. I just don't think it will happen.
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