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Originally Posted by gtrplr2 View Post
Geeez, gorgeous! That is one pure rig... unspoiled retro purity.

I bought a Telecaster from a guy once in Greeley for just $75. The body was hand-painted black, and the paint was chipping off in several spots, it was really a mess to look at. So I stripped the black paint, put it back together and whadd'ya know, it turned to be (the electronics at least) a 1966 model - a pre-CBS//CBS hybrid with a kind of electronics quirk- a quirk Jimmy Page talked about in a famous Guitar Player interview, where if you balance the toggle switch between center and bridge position, you get an out-of-phase sound. I never used that sound playing, but it was cool to have the very Tele Page was talking about - he actually used his Tele for the solo in Stairway. Anyway, at first I left the stripped wood raw cause it looked so cool - but that was a bad idea, it started to discolor where my arm and hands were. So I sanded and varnished it, but that varnish turned a sick greenish. Finally I paid a professional to varnish the thing, and it looked great, but I thought it looked to "country," so I sold if for I think $350. Hey, I was just 21.
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