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Mike Shanahan

Originally Posted by KCStud View Post
This is a completely different story and if you watched any KC game you would know this. KC was horrid last season at DT. Boone did ok at the beginning, but other than the first 2 or 3 games and the GB game he was very average. KC's DT's were marked man to man because they couldn't generate pressure. Both Tamba and Jared were double teamed. the RG or even blocking TE and RT would be blocking him. KC did a great job at getting pressure on the QB last season even from Tamba. He generated 7 and a half sacks and a few FF's while playing hurt a lot of the season. Now Tamba will have a force playing right next to him and defenses will have to double team one of them leaving the other player one-on-one.

The reason it's different is because offense's can double team players if they are on the opposite sides, but when they are teamed up next to each other, offense's get confused on blocking assignments, especially on last minute shifts by the defense.

The perfect example was Strahan and Osi constantly lining up next to each other. One always got double teamed and the other ran free.
That a horrid example.

You meant to relate it to how the Titans used Haynesworth and Vandenbosch in tandem, right?
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