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Originally Posted by Inkana7 View Post
KCSheepStud is pretty obviously under the age of 16. His posts are pretty predictable. They follow the same formula every time:

Step 1) Weak smack against broncos
Step 2) Call someone a homer, instruct to take off Orange colored glasses
Step 3) Compliment the Broncos in some way and/or agree with everyone else in a feeble attempt to disguise the above smack.

Go back and look, you'll see it's scary accurate.
It's very clear that most of the people on this board are teenage Bronco homers who wear Orange and Blue colored glasses every year. At least I'm objective and look at my team with realistic expectations.
Go back and look because all this talk is accurate. A lot of people here are homers. They thought that last year Scheffler, Tony freaking Scheffler, was going to be better than Gonzo.

It's pretty obvious if you look Inkana. Kaylore says the same thing.

Albert is a below average LT
Dorsey has injury problems
Charles and all of KC's RB's aren't very good.

I personally think it's funny. Yes the Broncos can go 11-5. So can a lot of AFC teams. I don't think they will. Too many questions for a playoff team.

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