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Spencer Larsen

Originally Posted by KCStud View Post
Wow Kaylore gets PWN3D!

It's very clear what Kaylore's thought process is. He thought Albert could play LT before the draft, but after KC gets him, his thoughts change and Albert can't play LT.

Kaylore thinks every Chief player sucks. He also thinks the Broncos will go 11-5 this year. You might wanna take off the Orange and Blue glasses Kaylore..
It's fitting you would spell "owned" like a 12-year-old AOLer. Nonetheless, you
sound kind of bitter toward Kaylore. Could that be because of how often he
has owned (see how easy it is?) you?

Anyway, it's curious as to why you would be on the board of a team superior
to your squaws, talking about our projected W-L record, when the question
regarding the squaws is whether you will win a game . . .

And I don't think 11-5 for the Broncos is out of the realm of possibility.

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