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The New City of the Sun?

The Sun's been popping up so much in so many strange contexts that it's really getting past the point of brushing it all off as a design fad. Especially when you look at advertiSeimiants like this. Now, when you think of American cities that would be associated with the Sun you think Phoenix, Los Angeles, Miami, Atlanta, maybe Houston- I guarantee there's probably one city that no one thinks of...

...and that's Philadelphia. I love Philly, but I'm a bit stumped what the exoteric explanation would be for using that alchemical-looking Sun as the new logo for "Historic Philadelphia." But considering that Philly was an historic stronghold for the Freemasons I sure as hell can guess what the esoteric one might be. Just in case you've never seen it, the logo for the Grand Lodge of Pa. is not entirely dissimilar to the logo for this new advertising blitz...

Philadelphia was also the first city on the latest King Tut tour, which was at the Franklin Institute. In case you forgot, King Tut was the regent who restored the old gods to Egypt after a period of strife and plague during the tumultuous reign of the fantatical monotheist Akhenaten.

And -of course- there never seems to be any kind of museum exhibit dealing with Egypt that isn't followed by something to do with Mars. And the Franklin Institute's "Next Stop Mars" exhibit is certainly no exception. Must be those nutty high-placed Hoagland fans again...
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