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Default OFFICIAL Branden Albert vs Ryan Clady thread

The Chiefs drafted a franchise left tackle this year. So did the Broncos.

By the end of the year one of them will clearly be the better player. Albert has the challenge of keeping Breaky Frayle's limbs unmangled, while Clady will attempt to keep defenders away from Jay "diabeetus" Cutler.

I'm certain Albert will be the next Marcus McNeill, while Clady will be reduced to protecting Cutler's insulin pump on the sideline, because as you're all well aware, I'm never wrong.

Albert will also allow fewer sacks. We'll use this website to track that stat throughout the season:

Let the games begin.

Offseason: Albert looks more menacing and much deadlier in his football uniform. The visor is a plus.

Winner: Branden Albert

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