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Mind War 4

By Hamid Golpira, Tehran Times

Everyone is worried about World War III breaking out but almost no one has noticed that we’re in the middle of Mind War 4.

Actually, the mind wars are so clandestine that we may be in the middle of Mind War 40 for all we know.

The matrix is real. The Mind War has entrapped the minds of most of humanity, and most people live in a fantasy world totally disconnected from reality.

Fortunately, a liberation movement has arisen, the freethinking resistance, which is trying to help people free their minds.

The freethinking resistance is made up of diverse groups with various ideologies. Under normal circumstances, they would be competing with each other in their endeavors to win people over.

However, having realized the gravity of the situation, they have banded together in a loose alliance in resistance to the Mind War.

Basically, the freethinking resistance tells people: “We don’t care if you think like us, but please think. Do not lose your power of reasoning.”

Each of the diverse groups in the freethinking resistance believes it is better if people think and oppose their ideology than if they blindly follow the ideology.

Mindless followers often defect to the enemy, and even if they don’t, the fact that they don’t think things through deeply undermines the movement.

In addition, accepting mindless followers destroys a movement from within because it means that they have begun using the strategy and tactics of the enemy.

It is better to have a few followers who understand the goals of the movement.

And this is why encouraging people to think for themselves is the main objective of the freethinking resistance.

There is a system of mind control that attempts to discourage people from using their higher brain centers so their thinking becomes focused in their reptilian brain, which is the most primitive part of the brain.
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