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Simon Fletcher

Originally Posted by big56fan#1 View Post
My wife and I are expecting our 1st baby at the end of the year.Ill have to fight off the wife and in-laws to get the kid bronco gear.I pledge that he or she will be a broncos fan(j/k) itll be up to him or her. i know theres been alot of mane babys lately,its a good sign.

Oh, what is this J/K stuff? It isnt up to him or her. It is like religion. If your parents are Catholic, you are Catholic. In my family, my wife is a Packer's fan and I am the Broncos fan. Kids are Broncos fans based on passion. If your wife is a Broncos fan, the kid will be too. End of discussion. This is why football is on Sunday. It is like religion for many.

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