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Originally Posted by Anubis View Post
No, this isnt to bash the team or their fanbase but i wonder if now is the time for the team to start wheeling and dealing to try and get better character guys and guys with more chemistry. Who do you keep? Who do you trade or dump? I know my Blazers had to make those deicsions not too long ago. What are your thoughts Nugget fans?
I like an article in our local paper yesterday about this:

DENVER - Carmelo Anthony and Kobe Bryant agreed on what separated their All-Star studded teams in their lopsided first-round playoff series: teamwork.

"Talent-wise, I don't think they're better than us. Team-wise, I think they're better than us," Anthony said of the apparent gap during the Lakers' impressive sweep of the Nuggets.

The Lakers are moving on after turning the Nuggets into the first 50-win team in NBA history to get shut out in the playoffs.

"They have a lot of talent," Bryant said. "But a lot of times it's not necessarily the amount of talent you have on a team but it's the chemistry within that talent and how well you play together."

Like too many bullies on a playground, the Nuggets don't play well together.

They feature two superstars in 'Melo and Allen Iverson, who started alongside each other in the All-Star Game, plus another player who probably should have in Marcus Camby.

Kenyon Martin resurrected his career after two knee surgeries, J.R. Smith's game and maturity took giant leaps in 2007-08 and Anthony Carter started 67 times after playing just two games last year.

Linas Kleiza and Eduardo Najera added versatility to their games, giving the Nuggets one of the best benches in basketball.

Yet, they were bounced out of the first round for the fifth-straight season.

With a lot of immovable parts with hefty contracts that make up one of the highest payrolls in the NBA at over $80 million, the Nuggets' options are limited as they search for a solution to their one-and-done rut. But it seems simple enough: Play as hard in front of your basket as you do in front of your opponent's.

"If we get some type of defense into our game, we'll be right there," Iverson said.

Coach George Karl often says that when they feel like it, the Nuggets can play great basketball, complete with a stifling defense that ignites their frenetic offense.

Despite that happening too infrequently this season, Karl said he'll take away many positives.

"I'm convinced that we had a step-forward year," Karl said.

The Nuggets just need to figure out how to get a first-round opponent they can beat, Karl said.

"It doesn't take much more than that. I've been with teams that can snowball a confidence, an energy."

Instead of the annual anguish and antagonism.

I don't think calling for coach Karl to leave is the way to go. It's about defense and being healthy, imo. Better luck next year. I'll still be a true fan and have been since the Denver "Rockets" days in 1967 and the ABA
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