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Originally Posted by L.A. BRONCOS FAN View Post
Very well put.

My position exactly.

BTW, +1 on the Neil Young appreciation thing.
Like anybody, I love Young's songwriting ... but I must admit to feeling conflicted about his rudimentary singing and playing. When I watch him hammering away on that open-tuned Les Paul, the same 7-8 bend for 32 bars in a row, I get kinda queasy sometimes. And then I catch sight of the Hendrix button on his strap, and I have to roll my eyes.

But the surefire proof he is straight up delusional about his musicianship came at the Oscars maybe 12+ years ago. His song "Philadelphia" (from the movie of the same name) was nominated for best song, and when it came time to perform it, I was shocked to see him sitting at a grand piano, intending to sing AND play. Needless to say, both suffered tremendously as his sophomoric falsetto lost much of its charm as he struggled to hunt and peck the notes of the song, missing several and awkwardly losing the tempo of the piece. He turned his poignant, moving song into an underskilled lesson in humility ... on the largest entertainment stage in the world. It wasn't "humiliating" per se, but a real piano player would've pumped a good chunk of depth into the rendering for sure.
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