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Floyd Little

Originally Posted by L.A. BRONCOS FAN View Post
Why should this matter, really?

It's really not important that you check out the stuff I like, and vice versa.

I know what kinds of music I like and which kinds I don't care for, and I'm sure you do too.
It should matter, just on the grounds for maximum exposure, if nothing else. You never know what you may find worthwhile in a genre that you don't really care for...and there's really only one way to find out.

Now, that's JMO mind you...I know many are not as passionate and obsessive as I am when it comes to this stuff. I know not everyone enjoys searching for gold. Maybe it is just my obsession to hear everything that I possibly can or maybe it bounces back again to the review work I used to do, but to willfully turn a deaf ear to something without checking it out at all smacks of ignorance to me, especially when one prejudges something based upon the genre itself. I'll never understand such things.

Now I'm not saying I'm accusing you of that in those terms, but if that shoe fits for anyone....they are not doing themselves any favors.

Case in point: I'm not a country music fan. In the late 80's to early 90's, I was presented with a steady parade of what I felt were pretty faceless performers who all followed the same I sat thru album after album of your Randy Travis and your George Strait's trying to find something distinctive and was presented one day with Lyle Lovette And His Large Band. Now I could've just sat it aside and said "Just another country album" and wrote it off out of hand, but that would've been unfair and is as great a crime to me personally as someone being a bandwagon fan in sports. Since I'm all about fairness and giving everything a shot, I put it on and was very pleasantly surprised by remains one of the few C&W albums I continue to own to this day.

I never would've found it if I didn't consider checking out everything I can to be extremely important.
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