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Originally Posted by Hogan11 View Post
Now, that's a bona fide fact.
As a corollary to that "bona-fide fact," the Chargers probably have had the most pure talent on their roster the last few years, but they're routinely shown the door in Round 1 every playoff year. ONE playoff win this decade with the most talented roster. Go figure.

It should NOT be said that excellent musicianship has NO bearing on quality of music ... but excellent musicianship is judged on an OBJECTIVE standard, where great music is judged on a SUBJECTIVE standard. You can't tell somebody they shouldn't like the music they like, but you can (with sufficient expertise) correctly rate which are the most talented musicians. Some people like Creedence Clearwater better than Led Zeppelin ... and no matter how clearly you prove the "bonafide fact" that CCR are just marginal musicians, they won't abandon them for Zep's groundbreaking virtuosity, no matter what.

Thus, SKILL = Judged Objectively ... ENJOYMENT = Judged Subjectively.

Along those lines, personally I find music from innovative and creative musicians far more interesting than purely talented players ... thus, Rolling Stones beat Yes, Jimmy Page beats Hendrix.
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