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"Primitive and Easy to Play," thy name is Neil Young.

As a guitar player, trust me that few if any can aspire to the heights of incompetence parading as skill than Young scales each and every time out. He open tunes all his hard-edged electric stuff (open tunings mean you get a fully formed chord just strumming open strings ... kinda like 'Guitar Hero'). Even my 12 year old nephew could manage a decent 'Cinnamon Girl' after maybe 90 minutes of instruction. And rarely if ever has rudimetary, ham-handed playing and sophomoric, warbling singing come together in a live one-man performance as starkly as "Needle and the Damage Done" on the Harvest and Decade albums.

But that doesn't mean Neil Young's music is BAD ... I happen to like Cinnamon Girl. And Needle and Damage Done is a hauntingly meaningful song that'll send chills up your spine if it catches you at the right time. I used to play it as a solo performer, and I'm here to tell you people ADORE that song -it stops 'em dead in their tracks.

My point is that musicianship and quality of musical product have little to do with each other. I can't play like Al Di Meola or Yngwie Malmstein, but I'd never listen to their music ... I play better than Neil Young, but I will always listen to him.
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