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Floyd Little

Originally Posted by L.A. BRONCOS FAN View Post
The "intent" of the post was to express my musical likes and dislikes, tastes, etc. (Just like you and everyone else here have a right to do.) Unlike you, however, I usually qualify my remarks with "IMO" or "JMO." In other words, I acknowledge that my opinions are just that - opinions - and not some sort of aesthetic 'facts.'
Yeah sure, if you say so....

You want examples?

I was just digging on some old Rolling Stones records last night.
Now, that's good to see.

Can't get much more primitive or easy to play than that.
You certainly can.

As for your claims about your alleged forays into the "areas (I) travel in musically," you, by your own admission, have never even heard of most of the artists I've mentioned since this thread was started.
Now, that's just not true. Sure, you've stumped me a couple of times over the years and I've admitted as such, but consistantly blanking me? I don't think so. In any event, whenever something is posted that I have no knowledge of or have never heard before, I check it out and give it a fair hearing every time.....can you honestly say the same thing?
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