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Originally Posted by Hogan11 View Post
It's the inability to acknowledge the difference between a personal bias and objective fact....tagging on a smilie at the end as some sort of blow softener does nothing to hide the intent of the post.
The "intent" of the post was to express my musical likes and dislikes, tastes, etc. (Just like you and everyone else here have a right to do.) Unlike you, however, I usually qualify my remarks with "IMO" or "JMO." In other words, I acknowledge that my opinions are just that - opinions - and not some sort of aesthetic 'facts.'

Originally Posted by Hogan11 View Post
Speaking of objectivity, that's the difference between you & I in this field. I can listen objectively to the areas you travel in musically and celebrate the artists I find worthwhile there whereas you are dismissive of anything that you deem "too easy to play" or "not challenging enough" (and if I'm wrong here , by all means point out some examples, I'm not afraid to admit mistakes).......and that's fine long as you admit to what it really unobjective bias.
You want examples?

I was just digging on some old Rolling Stones records last night.

Can't get much more primitive or easy to play than that.

As for your claims about your alleged forays into the "areas (I) travel in musically," you, by your own admission, have never even heard of most of the artists I've mentioned since this thread was started.
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