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Originally Posted by Bronx33 View Post
Like i said hes still young (cut him some slack)

dosent dive and slide into the boards looking for a penalty and sprain his ankle,

I saw the play it wasn't an attempt to draw a penalty you simply don't like the guy and thats fine make fun of him all ya want but don't make up shyt, I have a feeling you going to be hating him for a long time
How old is AO? He is basically the same age as Cindy yet, I don't see him whining and looking for calls every god damn shift. That why AO gets and deserves the respect from fans and players around the league while Cindy has little respect fromplayers and fans around the league.

Watch that play again Bronx. The reason he got hurt is because he is craning his neck looking at the ref to see if he made the call and he didn't realize his ankle is about to get jacked up into the boards. If she was paying attention, her ankle never would have gone pop.
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