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Originally Posted by chadta View Post
well we let one get away last night, i think we shoulda thrown the game sunday and made sure we played the pens, least they are a bunch of sallies, AO showed why he is the best player in the league last night, hopefuly we keep him in check a little better next time, and hopefully biron can make just one important save.
Disagree. Timonen, just like today, shut AO down in game 1. Kuk's had a bad turnover and AO made him pay. Gotta tip your hat to AO on that play. Other then that one play, Timonen has been in AO's sweater the first 2 games.

Call it homerism but I think we are the better team in this series. The only player that scares me right now with the puck (other then AO) is Green. Besides that, the Caps aren't much. It blows right now cause we should be up 2-0 coming home. Hopefully at some point we can look back at blowing that 4-2 3rd period lead as a good thing for us. Right now though, in a 1-1 series it is annoying thinking about it.
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