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The off-season.
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Originally Posted by Bronx33 View Post
He made me eat crow that's for sure he looks like the guy that won the Vezina Trophy and as for boogarard and fotuyuk* they got away with murder the whole game in fact the whole wild team got away with crap the whole game 2 freaking penalties the whole game?
No kidding. I think "Fridge" is a respectable player, but Boogaard is a stiff. He has a cool last name though. Obviously the refs called the game in Minnesota's favor, but our guys played smart...balls to the wall hockey. That call they made in the second when Hannan planted Rolston into the ice was terrible.

So goes the playoffs in the NHL. Joe-zay stood on his head...and then the rest of the boys tightened things up. Of course in overtime the puck found it's way to Sakic's stick. He's two ahead of Rocket Richard now in terms of playoff overtime winners.

We'll see what happens next.
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