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As my team pretty much ran things from start to finish, I think I am qualified to answer.

Originally Posted by Old Dude View Post
Questions for the participants:

1. What was the logic in killing Majik in Round 1? Was he really that big of a threat? His death narrowly saved STG who goes on to take the silver medal.
TheDave was pushing for STG to go because he thought STG was going to lead the newbies. Most people didnīt exactly like how Survivor IV played out so there was kind of an agreement between the veterans to play this differently and off the newbies early. I am just guessing here, but I think most people didnīt exactly love Majik so he was a logical target for elimination.

After Round 1, a deal between veterans on both sides was struck.

2. Why the big push for immunity for dark_hawk in Round 2? Whose alliance was he in, anyway?
No specific reason for that at all.

3. TheSportsGuru came within a hair of death in Round 4. He turned out to play a major role in the voting all the way to the final nine or ten. Hotrod could have easily taken him out - but instead he jumped aboard the STG love train - - the same train that ran him down at the end. What was that all about?
See answer to question 1.

4. Tell me the truth. Were CBF1 and cbs really TRYING to get the hedgeclippers? cbs could be excused, but CBF1 surely KNEW I would make these a hose job.
I pretty much orchestrated CBF getting the clipper as nobody was willing taking charge that round. CBS was friendly with one player on my team, so he was a logical choice, whereas we werenīt a 100% sure on CBF. So instead of giving it to a total stranger (bear in mind that we didnīt quite know what the clipper exactly was at that time), we rather wanted to give it to someone who was friendly to us, but not a 100% on our side. So to speak, someone whose votes we could influence but yet expandable.

5. How much did Dagmar's suicide affect things? (TheDave was probably a gonner - but it seems like Dag could have been a major balancing factor against the evil alliance toward the end.)
It didnīt influence things at all, from what I can tell. He was on our list anyway.
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